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From the 10th to the 15th of July 2023 in Madrid

Bothmer Gymnastics is an art of movement, created by Count Bothmer at the request of Rudolf Steiner, to help the pupils of the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart to straighten up and move effortlessly. He develops the relationship of the body to the forces of space.

Bothmer worked by observing the pupils and their movements. Human space, due to the constitution of the body, is structured in three polarities: up-down, right-left, front-back, separated and joined by a plane. Gymnastics develops the relationship with the planes.

The rhythm, the form of Bothmer's exercises, follows the age of the children, their stage of development: rolls, stick games, rhythms, falls with their straightening, crises and biographical transformations, contemplation of the infinite... The practice, interesting and pleasant, is also addressed to every person who wishes to grow in health, vitality, inner peace and knowledge.

This new training is aimed at teachers, therapists, artists, who are looking for exercises, an art of movement, to help others and their own development. This first meeting is considered as a pre-training for the constitution of a new group.

The course will start at 15h on Monday 10th and will end on Saturday 15th July at 14h.

RESPONSIBLE: Jessie Delage, trained by Gretel Krause, pupil of Count Bothmer, trainer, teacher and therapist since 1990 in the field of body and movement.

She is in charge of BMI training courses in Bothmer Gymnastics in several countries.

Invited teachers are also giving classes..

PRICE: 250€ (accommodation is not included in the price).

Including: Courses, accident insurance and breaks.


TLF : Nuria : 654 36 91 31 and Paloma : 651 71 64 89

PLACE: The course will be held at the Escuela Libre Micael (Ctra. De la Coruña KM 21, 300, 28230 Las Rozas de Madrid, Madrid).


  • Hotel Pax : Address: Calle Sama de Langreo, s/n, 28250 Torrelodones, Madrid Telephone: 918 40 66 06 (by car 15 minutes).

  • Hotel B & B Address: Nacional VI, Km 22 28230 Las Rozas, Madrid Telephone: 912 11 33 00 (walking 15 minutes)

  • Tartezos Las Rozas de Madrid - Hotel Apartamientos Tel: 0034 916400055 (by car 8’)

MEALS: You will be able to eat at the school, bringing your own food. There is a large supermarket nearby where you can eat and shop.

This training is part of the BMI (Bothmer Movement International) which is responsible for all trainings worldwide. The Spanish training respects their rules (number of hours, process, rhythm...) and allows you to acquire an internationally recognised diploma.

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